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San Diego Business Litigation Attorney

Highly regarded California lawyer achieves favorable results for business clients

No business wants to expend valuable resources on litigation, but when going to court is the best way to enforce your legal rights, an experienced lawyer gives you the best chance to achieve your goals. The San Diego business litigation attorneys at the Law Office of Edward W. Freedman have advocated for small and large companies of all types since 2001, handling complex cases in state and federal court. Whether your case relates to a contract dispute, an employment issue, or any other legal disagreement, my firm will provide knowledgeable representation and exemplary service.

San Diego business litigation lawyer handles a full range of legal conflicts

Selecting the right attorney can make the difference between success and failure in business litigation. I am well versed in all types of cases and offer experienced representation that excels in:

  • Preparation and filing — A case can be won or lost even before it is filed. My firm takes the time to evaluate each option with you so that every action is based on sound strategy and geared toward obtaining the outcome you seek.
  • Settlement negotiation — Presenting a strong argument is often the best way to reach a favorable settlement. I have a detailed understanding of a case’s value and can ensure that you don’t accept a substandard offer.
  • Trial advocacy — I develop a comprehensive case and challenge evidence and witnesses brought forth by adversaries. In both jury trials and judicial decisions, my firm has a successful track record throughout Southern California.

Types of business issues our San Diego firm litigates

Businesses today are exposed to a wide variety of events that can lead to a disruption of activity and require a courtroom appearance to resolve the dispute. 

Below is a list of some of the cases that the Law Office of Edward W. Freedman is prepared to handle:

No matter what type of business case you have, I will give you a complete overview of your matter during a free initial consultation.

California law firm delivers cost-effective representation to small and large companies

Effective representation for business disputes requires strict attention to legal costs and other business concerns. As a California business lawyer for more than a decade, I have extensive knowledge of litigation economics for small and large companies. From the outset of your case, my firm presents a detailed overview of your potential exposure and fees so that you can protect your company’s bottom line. Because I provide individualized attention to each client, I can explain how litigation will specifically affect your business in both the short and long term.

Contact an accomplished San Diego business litigator for a free initial consultation

The Law Office of Edward W. Freedman represents Southern California clients in all types of business litigation matters. Please call 858-223-7259 or contact me online to schedule a free initial consultation at my San Diego office.


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